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Who Really Owns Us?

This Sunday, September 22, 2019, 15th Sunday after Pentecost at 9:30 a.m., Pastor Mitchell will bring the message “Who Really Owns Us?” based on Luke 16:1-13. Kellie Santoro will be our Worship Leader and Joan Thomas our song Leader. Nick Camerieri will be our pianist.

Our facility is handicapped accessible and seasonably air conditioned. Join us following the service for a time of fellowship and refreshment.

THE BAPTISMAL COVENANT FOR Isabella and Aubrey Konschak will be held during the Sunday worship service.

The Bible study time, Wednesdays in room (#3/4) on the lower level at 11 a.m. The study of the Gospel of John. Join us.

Our Annual Church Conference is scheduled for Saturday morning, October 19, 2019, at 9 a.m. The location is 1st UMC in Millville along with 4 of the 5 other UMCs. The presiding elder for our conference will be Pastor Jin Oh of the Olivet UMC.

We have begun construction of the new front door and indoor ramp. From now until the completion of the construction, all access to the Fellowship Hall will be through the double doors at the rear of the building. For those of us who have difficulty with steps, chair lifts have been installed. There are a limited number of parking spaces next to the parsonage for those who may have a problem walking. The remainder of the parking lot is still available. This construction is anticipated to be completed by November 27, our anniversary date.

We are searching for a pianist for Sunday morning worship and rehearsal time during the week with the choir. We are also looking for someone to assist with the technical production of our worship service to work with the media equipment. Please contact Pastor John, Doris Daniloff or Joan Thomas.

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